Whether you’re an individual returning to work, an employer creating a safer and more productive workplace, or an insurer seeking rehabilitation and assessment services, our expert consultants are here to help.

Our team has the combined skills, knowledge and expertise to deliver icare services to support people and organisations in their local communities.

We have a multidisciplinary allied health team, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, rehabilitation counsellors and psychology trained consultants – who will design a tailored approach and provide the right support to deliver the highest quality outcomes for all.


I am an individual

We’re here to support your return to work after injury or ill health.

We’ll begin your rehabilitation with assessments that will give us a well-rounded and clear understanding of your circumstances and needs.

We then work with you and your icare insurer to develop your goals and support your return to work.

Once you’re back at work, we’ll help you stay physically and psychologically safe and healthy.

If returning to work with your current employer isn’t possible, we can support your return to work with a new employer.

And if returning to any work isn’t possible, we’ll connect you with the local support services you need.


I am an employer

Our specialist knowledge of the NSW industry will help you keep your workforce safe and productive.

Interact design and deliver successful return to work programs under icare to ensure safe and successful results for everyone.

Using evidence-based best practice, we’ll work with you to understand the physical, social and psychological hazards that may contribute to injury rates.

And we’re here to support you in implementing strategies to enhance workplace wellbeing.


I am an insurer

We’ll deliver specialist icare rehabilitation and assessment services.

At Interact, we constantly evolve our services to ensure they address your scheme’s specific requirements.

Our consultants always seek to understand requirements from a claims perspective to find the best way to reach a successful result.

We innovate with new services, such as our Move Your Mood program that drives better outcomes for people with psychological claims whose rehabilitation is stalled.

And we offer a range of services to support return to work pre-injury, help clients find new and meaningful employment, and keep Australian workforces safe and productive.

Interact is your NSW workplace rehabilitation provider