Pre-employment assessments

Bringing someone into a workplace, whether they are returning from injury or a new team member, can put themselves, co-workers and others at risk if they are not functionally or medically fit to perform the role safely.

How can a pre-employment assessment help?

A pre-employment assessment is a useful risk management tool that uses a medical examination to evaluate a person’s fitness and suitability for the demands of a job and ensure workplace safety is maintained.

Assessments are helpful when a worker is returning to work following injury or illness, to see if there are any areas where functional ability may have been reduced, or when you’re recruiting someone for a physically demanding job.

Interact has purpose-built offices where our experienced assessors can take your candidate through a physical function assessment as well as other specific tests such as musculoskeletal, task-specific functional, health screening, audiometry, spirometry, and drug and alcohol testing.

Ideal outcomes of a pre-employment assessment include:

  • Improved relationship and open communication between employer and worker
  • Negotiated and agreed upon a return-to-work plan
  • Clarity and confirmation on the appropriate return-to-work goal