Functional capacity assessments

Interact provide functional capacity assessments to help analyse a person’s performance against functional demands of a role.

What is a functional capacity assessment?

A functional capacity assessment helps to analyse a person’s performance against functional demands of a role. This assists organisations, insurers and specialists to understand an individual’s current capacity for work, suitability for pre-injury roles, and provide general recommendations for their ongoing management.

Our team of experienced allied health professionals conduct specific testing based on the worker’s injury or condition.

They test strength, flexibility, posture, movements and physical activities.

A report will then outline a worker’s current functional abilities and help set and achieve goals matched to their function.

Some functional capacity assessment tests provided

  • Manual muscle strength testing / myotome testing
  • Reflex testing
  • Range of motion
  • GAIT test
  • GRIP test
  • STEP test
  • Functional ability testing (such as sitting tolerance and walking)
  • Dynamic assessment
  • Manual handling

Functional capacity
assessments provide

  • A concise report of the individual’s current capacity
  • A clear indication of whether the individual is capable of safely engaging in a specific role or if there’s a better alternative

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