Ergonomic assessments

Ergonomic assessments can increase a person’s efficiency and productivity and reduce discomfort and injuries by fitting the workplace to their needs.

Workstation ergonomic assessments and training

We’ll review workstations in either your workplace or home office to ensure they are maximised for productivity and minimal injuries, and make recommendations based on posture, positioning, pacing, pause breaks, stretching regimes and/or workstation modifications.

Ideal outcomes of an ergonomic assessment include:

  • Improved staff awareness and self-management of correct ergonomics in the workplace or in a work from home setting
  • Optimised workstations allowing for optimised work performance
  • Reduced risk of workplace injuries

Ergonomics training

Good ergonomics reduce a worker’s discomfort and injuries by fitting the workplace to their needs.

Our training provides education on correct practices and setting up your workplace correctly to help minimise the risk of injuries or conditions caused by poor ergonomics.

We can provide this training on an individual basis, or as a group.

Ideal outcomes of an ergonomics training include:

  • An upskilled workforce who understands and can enforce correct ergonomic practices and guidelines
  • Reduced risk of injuries related to incorrect ergonomics

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